My Week

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. Okay at least. Just been a little tired today. So sorry if I haven't been very responsive, just string to recover from last week (working seven days straight). I don't mind though, it's always nice having something to do. This week I am not so booked though. So a little more chill, or not because I work like 11 hours so on Thursday. I don't remember. Maybe it was not. Idk, but it's a long day anyway.

What is everyone else doing this week? I already told you that I am working some, which I am looking forward too. It's gonna be exciting. On Friday, I am working for the Film Festival again. Back at Skandia (hallelujah) and it's the premiere of the new Benedict Cumberbatch movie, The Imitation Game. Which happens to be sold out, so hopefully I can sneak a little peek. There is a little window into the theater at Skandia, so I can stand there watch the movie. But what else are you going to to do. I want to see it. Or, maybe I can see it the next day.

I just the checked the administrator website and a bunch of films that I want to see are sold out damn. Especially Dear White People on Sunday. But I am guessing it is because it's a Face2Face and that the director is coming to talk about the movie. Idk. Hopefully someone won't show up. Idk. Also I don't think so. Well, well. Hopefuly it will come out on blu-ray so that I can rent to or whatever.

Have a good night!

your writer, Erika


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