Being 21

Hahaha. It's a joke to say that I've got it figured out on what it is like to be in you're 20's! I am only 21 so it is not really like I have to have it all figured out yet. Plus every person is different so I shouldn't really be too terrified about not knowing everything cosmo is talking about when it comes to being a 20 something woman. Gosh! Life can be pretty damn complicated frustrating.

I feel like right now I am in that kind of in a "going to concert, listening to music and dancing around the living room and just like taking a lot of selfies and quizzes on BuzzFeed" mood/ state. The going to concert is my biggest load, so a super thanks to my mom who gave me money for Ariana Grande. Like she just offered. Awesome right?! But where is that attitude when it comes to JB and One Direction? Huh? Or maybe just 1D since they're the ones that go on a tour every year. But JB was here last year. Hahahaha.

I guess that you could say that selfies are a load of mine as well since I take like one million to get that one good selfie. Plus I like never delete pictures of my phone so they take A LOT of space. I have a 32 GB iPhone 5 and I have 8,95 GB music and 7,67 GB photos. That's 5603 pictures y'all. 5603! Oooops! I mean I am not regretting my selfie addiction, all I am regretting is that two years ago when I bought this phone didn't buy the 64 GB. That's the true pain. Also I am ind of lazy when it comes to deleting pictures. It's just a lot of work and takes time. I am kind of Fat Amy on that shit.

But I feel like your 20's are the time for you to worry about YOU! BE FUCKING SELFISH AND DON'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT! Because you know what? It is YOUR life and they do say that you only life once so why not YOLO that shit. Do what feels good in the moment!

your writer, Erika


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