Friday Night With Taylor & Chris

Hi guys! How are you all? I am good. I am just sitting here and watching Captain America: The Winter Soilder. You know movie night. It was going to be just me and the latest issue of Cosmopolitan UK but then I saw CATWS on the bookshelf and I was like "Hey gurl you need a little more Chris Evans in your life!" But I am afraid that I will become the third wheel to Taylor and Chris. 'Cause those two - girl next door and the the guy next door, bound to happen at some point. Or maybe not but those two would make a handsome couple! Just saying.

Ey…. now that I think about it there is an interview with Chris in the Cosmo issue. Date Night With Chris. I think that is was called that. He like describes his ideal date, but I wonder if it is serious or not.  Or idk. I guess it's kind of cute. But any date with Chris would be awesome, because you know, Chris. LOL.

your writer, Erika


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