All Good Things Come in Four

Hi guys! I don't what to talk to you guys about first because there are a few things that I could bring up. Idk but like this whole week I have been in such a goos mood. "This whole week" - yeah yeah I know that it is only Wednesday but idk, there are a few things that have made me few particularly good. Just put me in a good mood. Life is good right now. Just like really good. Hahahaha.

So whose got FOUR? I do! Y'all already know that! Duh! I am a Directioner, of course I am not going to to miss out on an album release like that! It's freaking One Direction! Okay, that is enough of exclamation marks. I love the album! (Okay, sorry that is the last one.) It is amazing. I was really worried though before I listened to it because I read a few comments about the album in SWD. Idk, they could have had been kidding though. As I said, idk but someone said they the album was and that they were disappointed with the album. That got me sacred! (Sorry, can't stay away!) I was like NOOOO! But then I got the album and listened to it and I am absolutely loving it! It freaking fantastic! Everyone go and buy FOUR asap! iTunes link: My favorite songs are Steal My Girl, 18 and Change Your Ticket. Absolutley amazing!

Today was fun day! I was extra in this upcoming show on SVT Play. Then Fanny and I went for a little fika and we just decided to go and see a movie. We saw Gone Girl. It was un-freaking-believable! fave movie of the freaking YEAR! So good! So messed up but so fucking good! Aaaaah! (See I can't stop it with exclamation marks, hihihihihi.) Not too give away too much but y'all gotta see this one! Gone Girl! It was a really fun and kind of spontaneous day.

I am telling you, I am having a really good week so far (and I am determined to keep it that way). I mean just to list a few things so far.

your writer, Erika


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