Hi guys! I think that it might be time for an other post. An other day, an other post. Or a new day, a new post. depending on how you look at it because they're both correct. Whatever. Have you guys had a good weekend? I have, I guess - I haven't really done much. LOL. Just a usual weekend in Erika's world.

I want to do kind of like a Fakegiving thing. A kind of a fake Thanksgiving. You know because Thanksgiving isn't a Swedish tradition. Though there is a Tacksägelsedagen (Thanksgiving Day) in the calendar but that day has already past and it is the same day as the Canadian Thanksgiving. So since I kind of didn't know about that I will do something on Thursday, and do Black Friday on Friday. I can actually do Black Friday, because Apple have sales all over the world (OMG I am thinking iPhone 6!) and actually Stockholm Quality Outlet will have a Black Friday sale in all of there stores. LOL, so if I spend all of my money there, I can just walk over to IKEA and have a cheap lunch. Mohahaha. Sounds perfect!

Idk what I am actually going to do on Thuersday, but something fun. Watch a couple of movies? Netflix do you want to be my Thanksgiving date? LOL. I'll come up with something. All I do know is that I want to make a pumpkin pie. LOL.

your writer, Erika


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