It's About Time

I made a video yesterday for you guys but it wouldn't upload. Not here or on myspace (I don't want to upload it on youtube)!
I just found out that the Jonas Brothers are going to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine! OMG's! That's huge! I am totally buying it when it comes to Sweden! I love them and I am so proud! Oh, today when I went to a cd store earlier today I saw that they had one copy of the Jonas Brothers cd It's About Time. I had no money so I asked them to put it away for me so I can come back tomorrow and buy it. AAAAA! So tomorrow I am going to be a proud owner of the cd. I can't wait for Miley's cd to hit the stores here in Sweden (I mean Breakout).
Did you know that Christian Bale got arrested! When I heard it I was like; That's to bad, he's hot. Did you know that is was Daniel Radcliffe's birthday yesterday?!
Here's a a picture of JB on the cover of Rolling Stone:


xoxo - your writer, Erika.


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