Miss Teen

I saw a really HOT guy today on the train! He was so hot! So HOT! I loved the way he was dressed and his sunglasses were so awsum. Ahhhh!
So what have you done today? I haven't done much. I have been outside but I didn't so much. Does anyone out there watch Pageant Place? I do. I really don't like it or at first I didn't but then I got hooked. Yesterday they showed the episode when Katie (Miss Teen USA 2007) was giving away her crown to the new Miss Teen USA. They showed when Miss South Carolina was answering a question and (not the be mean) how stupid is she? But I have heard other answer on that question and it was really good. If she would have had a better answer she might would have won. But lets not think about that too much.
Dark Knight is premiering next week. Who else except me is going to see it? I know it premiers in the US on Friday, but we ain't that lucky here in Sweden. Iron Man is screwed when Dark Knight comes out as Carl (luv him) said. It's going to be the biggest movie of the year! Phenomenal!

your writer, Erika.

note: I am in JULIA issue nr 17 from 2005. The picture is old not from when I was 12.


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