So today I bought Zodiac on DVD and I am watching it right now. I just started watching it but it seems good so far. I tell you what I found about it later.
Tonight is the finale of Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious here in Sweden. I know which four that will be chosen to be in the group. I know there was going to be three girls and when I saw a video and they were four I didn't understand. But Robin have said that she felt very strongly about Nichole, Chrystina, Tiffanie and Natalie.
My favorites are Nicole and Tiffanie. Not that I don't like Chrystina and Natalie is just that Chrystina seems to be hiding behind a wall if you know what I mean (her feelings). Did you see their performance at the MMVAs 2008? It was great, but it's really not my favorite song with them. I like Stupid Shit. It's funny because a while before the show even stared here on Sweden VANKNA med the voice show their video at SPELA eller SPOLA.
I can't wait until Tropic Thunder premiers. I am going to see on the day of the premier.
Lately I've been reading this book, The Mediator - Twilight by Meg Cabot. It's really good. I love the whole book series. You should read all six of the (I mean the The Meditor). I love reading btw. Just felt like mention that. Now I have to finish this 'cause I am watching movie (as you know).

xoxo - your writer, Erika.


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