So today Miley's new cd Breakout came out! OMG, I love Fly On The Wall! I found the whole studio version of the song on youtube yesterday. OMG it's so great.
Yesterday I saw an episode of MADE on MTV, it was the one with the three girls that wanted to be on a soup opera. I was so cool. One girl gave her all from the beginning and the other two didn't but when one of the girls didn't want to do it any more the other girl gave her all too. It was really fun. Sometimes that show can be really fun to watch.
I found a video on youtube yesterday of Miley and Tori giving a tour of Miley's house in Nashville. It was really fun to watch. I think seems to be like any other teenager out there. Which is really cool. I mean it's good that she still does stuff that a normal teenager does even though she's famous.

xoxo - your writer, Erika.


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