OMG, Zodiac was great! Now I am trying to find the directors cut or yeah I found it at megastores website. But the release date is September 29 and the price for the DVD is OMG 265kr (which is like $42). Hopefully it will comes a swedish version of it. 'Cause the it won't cost that much. I just have to wait and see. I am going to pre-order Iron Man on DVD. The 2-disc limited version in a metal box. Its doesn't cost that much. I want Transformers (the one in a metal box) on DVD and National Treasure 1&2 on DVD.
On Monday it's TCA08 so if you live in the US don't forget to watch. M&M CRU and ACDC CRU is going to have a live dance battle. It's so cool. It's so sad that I can't see it. Don't forget to vote everyday. I do.

xoxo - your writer, Erika.


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