Proud to be Pride

This week kanal 5 (channel 5) is having a Proud to be pride week. That means that they are showing "gay" episodes (chosen by the audience) of you favorites shows. Tonight at 8 pm it's an episode of Ugly Betty. On Friday they are showing Trans America. I think I am going to see it.
Last night Batman Begins was on TV3. I really liked it. Can't wait for Dark Knight on Friday.
I bet you didn't know this about me, I love to do tests online. Blog things ( has the best test ever. You should do them. They have tons of crazy test for you to do. Here is one I just did (or, yeah the result):

Your Fragrance Profile

The best calming fragrance: basil

The best fragrance for everyday wear: cinnamon

The best fragrance to boost your sex appeal: musk

The best fragrance for energy: eucalyptus

I know thse test can't tell you who you are. I mean I don't even like the smell of cinnnamon and what the heck is musk? So, yeah, but it's fun :D!

I hope you A's the test - your writer, Erika.


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