New update

I have this poster of the Jonas Brothers, and Joe his simle just makes me melt. I love that poster and the Jonas Brothers. Don't you?
Does anyone from Sweden that reads this blog watch Sommarlovs morgon? I know I do. It's broing execept for Unge Greve Dracula, Blue Water High and Sune. Those are my favorites. I've seen all the episodes of Sune before. He really funny. Sune. Roght now ít's Unge Greve Dracula and Boris just became a vampier and really HOT!!
What did you do yesterday? I went to Väsby Centrum with my mom. I got a new t-shirt from New Yorker. They have really cool clothers there.
OMG, I just watched some videos from MIKA's concert on youtube that posted. That's the best concert I've ever been to. He's so amazing. I love him. I hope he releases a new cd soon and go on tour again. I love his music. I wish Ashley Tisdale would come to Sweden. I love her music.

Have a good day - your writer, Erika.


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