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Hello my darlings! Today I am here on time, well not as late as last night anyway. Sorry about that. I actually had a period a few years ago where I blogged at the end of the day and always posted something around midnight. My reasoning for that was that I couldn't blog at lets say 6 PM because the day was not over yet and cool stuff could still happen and I would want that on my blog. Yeah, I could just have included that the next day but back then I didn't see it as black and white as that.

Since I have been really bad at posting workout tips lately that is exactly what you are getting to day. This post is going to be about how much exercise/ physical activity you need every day (yeah that's right E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y). But also how much you should workout because there is a difference between exercise and workout. Maybe we should clear that up before we go any further here.

I found a really good quote on a website called Stack Exchange that explains exercise vs. workout: "For example, walking is considered a good form of exercise. It is never a workout. So an exercise can be anything: sit-ups, press-ups, going for a jog etc. Any physical sport is considered a type of exercise. A workout is often a routine performed in the gym, the gym-goer will exercise several different muscles in one intense session." I also fund an article on The Huffington Post that explained physical activity vs exercise. The article said that physical activity is anything that makes you get up and move. It can be explained as simple as just not sitting down is physical activity. The article explained exercise as a physical activity that is done for the effect it produces right here right now. It's an activity done for it's own sake. I hope that this has explained it for you.

So how much exercise do we need everyday? And how much do we need to workout? We need about 30 minutes of exercise everyday. That can be a quick walk where you get a little out of breath. It really doesn't have to be more complicated than that. So apart from the daily exercise of 30 minutes we also need to put in a little bit more work. That is by working out about two hours each week or 30-45 minutes three times a week (it's about the same amount of time). For this to be most effective you should spread this out over the week. About two or three workout sessions where you combine both cardio and strength workout in one session. Everyone is different. For example when I workout at home I do intervalls (that includes both cardio and strength exercises at the same time) which can be very good if you are a person who gets bored easily. But when I am at the gym I start off with just going hard on the treadmill of 30 minutes, then I am done with that and move on to weights. So you can either do intervalls (of 45 seconds and 15 seconds rest in-between) of cardio and strength. Or you can start start off with something with very high intensity for 30 minutes and then move on to strength workout. Remember that you do need high intensity where you get out of breath. You can even lay it out where you do two very high intensity workouts and one low intensity (i.e. strength).

You all know that I mostly workout in my living room and follow videos from youtube. You can do that as well. There are some great channels on youtube with amazing workout videos. When you follow a video it's like having a friends cheering you on (at least I feel like Kelly from FitnessBlender is like that). My favorite fitness/ workout channels are FitnessBlender (duh, of course!) and GymRa. Both of them have videos with different durations and for beginners as well as for those of us that are used to working out a lot. I am very much positive that you'll find something that will fit your lifestyle. If you have any other questions about what kind of workouts you can do or anything else on this topic just comment below and I will do my best to give you the answer that you are looking for.

Hav a nice Sunday afternoon!

your writer, Erika


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