For The Sake of Your Heart

If you are not used to exercising then thinking of ways to start exercising can be really hard. An easy way to start out is actually to just go on walks. Just going for a 30 minute walk is really good cardio (if you don't exercise regularly and if you are very sedentary). 

In high school I never used to exercise except for PE. I used get a little out of breath just walking 10 minutes to the grocery store (it was up hill). Then I started going for walks a few times a week and really soon I started noticing a difference. The small things you do will have the biggest impacts!

I actually hated working out before. Well it was more that I didn't like to sweat. I still don't like to sweat now either, but that is i.e. when it's because it's hot outside. I love sweating when I exercise. I feel like that is a recipiet for using my body the right way.


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Do your heart a favor and go on walks!

your writer, Erika


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