About Last Night

Where do I start when it comes to my experience at Summerburst? Where do I start? Well, it was insane! Freaking crazy! Why? Because I was front row and there was so much pressure because people where pushing from all different directions. I have to say that that really ruined the experience for me. It really did. I think that I would have had much better time there if I would have stood a few rows back.

There were definitely some great pros from standing front row. I really got to see Justin. Like he is a real person not just something that you see in the media. I got to see his beautiful brown eyes. He and his dancers really delivered! They are an amazing team of performers. So so so talented all of them. The show was amazing from start to finish. I was just typing, that I did have favorite moment and then I just thought of something. There were a few people in my section chanting "Despacito" over and over and Justin heard that and was like "I don't know that song." It was so cute. People kept chanting and Justin just stood there and awkwardly smiled and said that he didn't know the words. Too bad that I don't have a video of that. Oh, and Justin went on stage 10 minutes ahead of schedule! When the intro started, I was like, wait what?! Because he wasn't supposed to go on yet, but he's an angel so he did.

After Justin I was like I need to get hell of here because otherwise I am going to get squished. Since people where pushing from all different direction especially from behind I had no choice but to get security to lift me over the fence. It was crazy!

I didn't really stay and watch David Guettas set. I decided to walk around and see what else the festival had to offer. Loka Crush had a tent with a little game. With a water hose spray you had to water in to this little moving hole to fill a water bottle. I won! Hahaha, there wasn't a big prize. Everyone who played got to taste the new flavor (which was pineapple) and because I won I got a sunshield had with the Loka Crush logo on it.

I don't think that I'll be going back there next year. That's unless Justin or Ariana or any other artist that I like will perform. But then I will know better and not stand front row.

your writer, Erika


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