Benefits of Yoga

I love yoga! It is my favorite workout method. I would only do yoga but I need cardio. Well all need cardio. I do yoga because I want a flexible body. I love being able to bend my body different ways. I think that is so beautiful! Just look at the Cirque du Soleil performers! My gaash they are gorgeous! I wish that I could be one of them.

There are actually a lot of health benefits from doing yoga. Yoga actually has as many mental benefits as physical. Yes! I have never thought of it before but now that I think of it it is the most obvious thing. As far as mental health. Yoga can help with stress, body awareness, sleeping problems plus a whole problems. Some of the physical benefits are increased flexibility (this one is obvious I know), but also increased muscle strength and tone and you will notice that you will have a lot more energy.

Yoga is great! There are like one billion different styles go yoga so I am sure that you will find of the suits you. Plus if you have never done yoga before and you find a style that you want to try there is always a beginners version.

your writer, Erika


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