Yoga Pt. 2

Hello! You didn't think that I had forgotten about you? Yeah, I know it's late but I have been on the move all day. Some days are just like that. But I like being occupied. It feels like I am contributing to the world then. I like to think that I make a positive mark wherever I leave.

So I talked about yoga yesterday and I thought that I would continue today. I love yoga! I just love how flexible my body has become. I feel so much more confident about myself since I started doing yoga.

As I also said yesterday, there is like one billion different styles of yoga out there. I practice power yoga because it focuses as much on stretching your muscles as on building muscle. So your muscles become very long and lean. I also love building muscle. I mean I like having a nice butt.

This video below is great! I have done this video for a while now and it is the reason that I have the body that I have today. I focuses on all parts of your body. Try it out and let me know in the comment section!

your writer, Erika


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