My Workout Schedule

Hello! I workout every single day. I workout a little over an hour. I would never workout less than that. I mean this works well for me. The only time I would sweat it out for only 40 minutes if I would take an hour of lunch and work out during the time instead of eating. But no, I like it this way.

As I have said before I only work out at home in my living room. I follow videos on youtube. There are all kinds of workout videos on youtube. I am sure that you you want to try it you will find something that suites you.

My workout schedule is quite simple. I do yoga Monday through Wednesday and cardio (that focuses on the butt and thighs) Thursday through Sunday. It is not more complicated than that. But, I also do the plank everyday. the plank is good for overall body strength. I eight minutes of the plank everyday. Two minutes, rest for a few seconds and repeat four times. Try that everyday and you will notice significant changes.

Have a nice Tuesday night!

your writer, Erika


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