I AM ON MY TO SUMMERBURST! Yeah! I actually feel a lot better today. I do think that staying at home and resting for another day would have been better but I feel well enough for this so I am going to do this!

One Direction, Where We Are Tour, Wembley Stadium

Zayn and I at One Direction, Where We Are Tour, Friends Arena (yes it's fake)

Can you believe that I ha e never been to a music festival before?! I mean I have been to plenty of concerts but never a music festival! A few years back, I think that it was three years ago in 2014 when I in June went to one concert each week. That was a good month. One concert each weekend. I saw Miley Cyrus, One Direction (twice, once in London and once in Stockholm) and Cody Simpson. 

Yes I had meet and greet to Cody's concert!

Miley Cyrus, Bangerz Tour, Ericsson Globe

I am most looking forward to Justin Bieber and David Guetta tonight. Mostly Justin. Maybe only Justin. Okay yeah I only bought a ticket because of Justin.

Have to save my batteries now so that they will last all night long. Talk to you tomorrow!

your writer, Erika


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