The Perfect V

Hello my friends! You know what guys, yes you are my friends and always will be. For that I am actually sorry for not having been here for the past two days. Just life and other things have gotten in the way. But I am here now to tell you all about what I have been up to.

I have actually been up to too much these past few days considering that I am hurt my foot. I don't know what I have done, all I know that it has been hurting for almost a week. I wanted to go to the pharmacy today and buy some cooling cream my foot but since it's Midsummer so everything closed early. Good thing that I looked it up online before I actually went there.

Okay so what I have been up to except from screwing up my foot? Well the other day I actually went to an event for a new beauty product. Not just any beauty product, this beauty product is for your bikini area. Whaaat?! That was my first reaction as well but I have tried it and it's actually really good. The brand is called The Perfect V. The brand and their products was developed to help keep you V beautiful. Just think of all that you put it through - waxing, shaving, laser, sugar, trim and dye. It's important that you take care of yourself and especially your V since it's such a sensitive area.

They have so far launched in Denmark and Sweden and that's where it's available. You can purchase it on their website though but so far shipping is still only available in Scandinavia. But I am confident that when this product gets more known it will be available in more places. Maybe even sooner than you think. So try it out and tell your friends about it! Because mouth to mouth is the most effective marketing strategy.

They have a bunch of different products. I have so far only tried the VV Cream - Very V (hydrates, smoothes and perfects) and the Shades of V - Very V Luminizer (highlights, softens, illuminates). They are both equally as good and does what it promise. It's free from fragrance, SLS and parabens. It's for all skin types and (duh) for external use ONLY. You can use this product with a good conscience because it's not tested on animals. Hopefully PETA will take notice of that very soon.

Check out the links below to get in contact with The Perfect V!
Twitter - @theperfectvv
Instagram - @theperfectv

your writer, Erika


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