My Favorite Meal of The Day

You know what, breakfast is actually my favorite meal of the day! Yes I love breakfast! When I go to sleep at night I am so excited to wake up in the morning because I get to eat breakfast. When it comes to breakfast I am a person of habit so I eat the same thing every single day. Organic yoghurt with my homemade granola and sliced fruit (mostly banana). If I am feeling crazy I might have some organic honey or golden syrup.

My breakfast this morning. Organic yoghurt with a lot of my homemade granola, some berries and some golden syrup.

I am actually shocked when people say that they don't eat breakfast! Breakfast is an important meal. Having breakfast will give you the energy that you need to start the day and through out the day. You know that you should actually have a bigger meal in the beginning of the day rather than at night. Why? Because if you have a big meal in the morning you have all day to burn those calories. If you have a big meal at night you're not going to burn as many calories because you are most likley going to sleep, and just sleeping won't brun any calories. Also the longer you wait to eat something after you have woken up in the morning the hungrier you get and the lower your blood sugar level will be. This is bad combination that will make you grab the first edible thing you see. Worst case senario that's a candy bar or cupcake or a cinnamon bun. Your breakfast should not be any of those things. It should be high in protein and fiber and healthy fats.

A glas of orange juice at Greasy Spoon.

Most delicious chia pudding that I have ever eaten. I bought it at some cafe at Arlanda Airport.

So what's a good breakfast? What can you eat to get the energy you need to start the day and last until lunch? Below I have listed a few really healthy (and delicious) breakfast alternatives!

1. Organic yoghurt with granola and sliced fruit (Yeah you know that I have to put my personal favorite on the list)
2. Greek yoghurt or turkish yoghurt (can't decide which one, both equally as delicious) with sliced fruit and some organic honey
3. Organic orange and red grapefruit juice with some chia pudding
4. Avocado on toast and organic juice
5. Porridge oats with oat milk and (not more than a tbsp of) organic jam of your choice

your writer, Erika


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