Swimwear Season

Hello everyone! I am sitting here on the couch watching House of Cards and charging my batteries for Saturday. Since I am not feeling my best today I thought that it would be best to do the bare minimum to get through the day. I am of course sitting here working, but that's the bare minimum because we all have to work to survive (truth to be told). But I am alive.

The health nut that I am and person who never skips a workout I actually decided not to workout today. Cardio was on the schedule but didn't feel right to do about my usual routine. I could do yoga instead of cardio but nah, Imma let my body rest so that I hopefully will be 100% on Saturday of Summerburst and Justin. I just hope that the weather forecast is wrong and that it won't rain. Pray for me!

Even though the past few weeks has not been great. I am talking about the weather. Okay yes we have had some sun and high temperatures but it differs from day to day. In spite of that you can still say the summer has officially arrived in Sweden (at least in Stockholm, the northern part still has snow *eye roll*C'mon it's June!*eye roll*). Summertime means beach time! And that means that the angel that I am going to share my favorite swimwear this season. Picture sources and links to the items are below the collages (can you believe that it took me all day to make these collages?).

/1/ Top - Bottom /2/ Top - Bottom /3/ Swimsuit /4/ Top & bottom

/8/ Top - bottom /9/ Swimsuit /10/ Swimsuit

/11/ Top

/12/ Bottom

your writer, Erika


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