What 500 Calories Look Like

I saw a similar picture like the one below a while back. I started thinking about it this morning and thought that it would be a thing to share with you.

The picture below demonstrates how much density approximately 500 kcal of different types of food will take up in your stomach. Something worth mentioning is that your stomach can stretch up to 4L (= 1,05 gallon). Think of the latter as being full AF.

Think of the stomach holding 500 kcal of fruits and vegetables as when your stomach is streched to its maximum capacity aka 4L.

I really recommend that you read this article from The New York Times on what a 2000 calorie meal looks like (it includes pictures of different meals) - https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/12/22/upshot/what-2000-calories-looks-like.html?_r=0. It is VERY interesting article that really makes you think about what you eat. Especially since it has pictures. I mean I am a smart woman, I understand all of these things so when you tell me about it I will be like "I know, I know" like an annoyed teenager. Seeing the pictures makes you understand for real.

your writer, Erika


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