Working Out Without Actually Working Out

I love working out! I work out every single day no excuses. Actually the more excuses that I come up with the more motivated I am to sweat it out.

Everyone is not like me. Not everyone likes to work out and people have different priorities. The thing is also that you don't have to workout every single day to be healthy. I wasn't unhealthy before when I used to workout twice a week. The reason I started working out every day was because I wanted better results.

Today I thought that I would give some simple tips for you to get in a workout WITHOUT actually having to workout! Howbadah?!

My first tip is that if you have a height adjustable desk at work is that you heigher it and stand up at your desk. This is great for your legs. Especialy your thighs and your butt. It may not seem like a huge exircise but if you're not used to standing up for 8h or working out your legs then your legs are going to want to kill you afterwards! It's exhausting! Also make sure that you wear comfortable shoes otherwise your feet will hate you as well.

My second tip is to always take the stairs instead of the escalator or the elevator. Not only is it great for your butt and thighs but it is also a great cardio exircise. Just doing a simple thing like this will improve your cardio and common health so much.

My third and last tip for today is to ride your bike or walk to work (or wherever you are going). Not only is it better for the environment if you do this instead of taking the bus, your car or the train but it is also great for you! It is a really great cardio exircise. Plus don't you remember how free you felt as a kid when you just went out for a ride on your bike? You weren't really going anywhere. You just wanted to ride your bike and feel the wind in your hair!

If you have any good tips like these share them in the comment section!

Have a nice day!

your writer, Erika


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