Days On The Couch

Hello! Today has not been much better than yesterday. I have been slugging on the couch all day resting for tomorrow. I am going to Summerburst tomorrow and nothing is going to stop me (hopefully). I am otherwise a very active person who works out every day and does a lot of stuff, so this (being sick) makes me feel very bad about just everything. This is not who I am. If you look up the word health you feel see a picture of me next to it. Okay probably not, but that's how I view myself.

I must be really sick though because I bought ice-cream when I went to the grocery store. I don't eat ice-cream. Or at least I haven't in like forever. That is if you don't count last weekend when I visited my mom. At they grocery store where she lives they had this vegan chocolate ice-cream made out of coconut cream and coconut milk. It was super delicious! It was the best chocolate ice-cream that I have ever tasted. You could kind of taste the coconut but it really tasted like chocolate. Yum yum yum! Hahaha. Sadly they don't have it where I live so I bought Oatly's vegan ice-cream that is made from oats. It is also delicious! I love Oatly because that have a lot of great products that I buy a lot of.

That chocolate coconut ice-cream that I bought last weekend when I was at my moms :)

Ah, you know what guys, I am going to rest some more now and hopefully wake up snot free and well tomorrow. I don't want to miss Justin Bieber at Summerburst. I mean that is the whole reason that I am going.

your writer, Erika


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