Stay Focused

So um hello! I wasn't really going to post anything tonight. It's late and I am tired and I just want to watch House of Cards (I still am watching HOC right now but I am also writing this post, I mean I just want to chill). I read an old post that I wrote last fall and it made me rethink and I got a little writing motivation from myself.

My post Be Proud pt. 3 from 18th September last year is a motivational post where I talk about being proud of who you are and that it's okay not be exactly where you want to be in life. I open up about sometimes being a little impatient and just wanting it all fast. I also brought up about how I think Pamela Reif is pretty much perfect and that people would probably always choose here over me. Those kind of negative thoughts are never good and will in the end just ruin you. The best you can do is to always do you. BE YOU. There is a sentence that I wrote in the blog that I really like, "We cannot look at others as the definition of what we want to be." Those words are so true.

What motivated me about that post to actually write something tonight was that even though I feel like some people have way better blogs than I, I still have to continue to work hard if I ever want this blog to be successful. So I need to remember to always be me and always work hard. All day every day. I have to stay focused. I feel like my goal with this blog is not to be better than Pamela or any other blogger that I admire, I just want to be up there on their level.

your writer, Erika


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