Workouts That I Want To Try

It's feels so good to be back! By back I mean working out again! Yes yes and YES! I still have somewhat of a snotty nose but it doesn't hinder me from working out. I did yoga yesterday and some cardio today. Feels great to be back!

I don't have any words of wisdom for you today. Being a blogger is hard sometimes. I try and produce fun content that you guys might like. I hope that you all like what I post here.

So I have been thinking a while that I want to try some new workout out methods. Okay maybe just one. I want to try barre. From what I understand it's a mix between ballet and pilates. It's apparently very hyped among celebrities. But I don't know, it also seems fun, but there is no shame in wanting to be like your idol. Just don't loose yourself in the midst. Have any of you tried it? Anyone in Stockholm that could recommend a good center?

your writer, Erika


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