The Importance of Sunscreen

Hello! It is a new day and we have all survived. Yeah, we are alive and healthy - that is always something to celebrate!

You know what today I thought that I would teach you all about something health related. That thing is the importance of sunscreen. To get the spf protection that it says on the bottle you actually have to use about 50ml (that's for your whole body). That's quite a lot and also remember to re-apply every few hours for your skin to be protected all through out the day. Even it says on the bottle that it's water ressistant.

Below I have listed a few of the very dangerous things that can happen if you don't put on sunscreen.
1. You could get skin cancer.
2. It will cause your skin to age faster and you will get wrinkles.
3. You can get broken blood vessles.

I hope that the next time your are in the sun you consider, no I hope that you will actually wear sunscreen. You know what, you should actually wear sunscreen all year round. Maybe on cloudy days you can wear a sunscreen with a lower spf but the importance is that you do wear it. Just because it's cold outside doesn't meant that the sunrays are less dangerous.

I hope that you will be more responsible regarding this now. Have a nice evening and protect yourselves!

your writer Erika


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