Smooth Like A Smoothie

Yo! yeah that's right you get a second post today! I thought that you all deserved that. You're good to me so I am going to be good to you. It might not be a huge post with a bunch of research. It's just personal preference on how you make the perfect most delicious smoothie.

What you need is (for one glass): 1 banana, 2,5 dl/ 1 cup of full-fat yoghurt and fruit or berries of your choice. Mix in a blender until smooth. Pour in a glass and drink that delicious drink that you just made for yourself!

A banana is a must! 1 - the texture will be a little extra thick and 2 - it will add natural sweetness so you won't have to add any sugar or other sweetener. What kind of fruits or berries will you add? Comment below! (Psst! My favorite combo is to add either blueberries, raspberry or pineapple and mango).

BTW, do you know that smoothies and juices are actually a really good way for you to get the nutrion that you need from fruit? If you don't like eating fruit or vegetables, just mix them into a smoothie.

Have a fun night everyone!

your writer, Erika

.p.s. BTW - that about me page that I was talking about last week will be added tomorrow. So don't worry about it!


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