Cardio Is Good For Your Memory

Cardio exercises may be more important than you think. Young people who do cardio workouts may maintain their memory skills when they're 43-55. A study done back in April 2014 showed that people at an average age of 25 who under went treadmill tests and then 20 years later underwent the same tests and had small decreases were more likely to perform better on executive functions tests than those with big decreases. This is very interesting. Those tests helped to identify and consequently prevent or treat people with a higher risk of developing dementia.

Yes, taking care of your body at a young age will benefit you when you are older. You will even notice immediate results. So do yourself a favor exercise and eat healthy. Of course exercise is not a magic trick or a miracle worker for disease prevention but it will get you on a good path to never encountering the big and scary ones.

your writer, Erika


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