Diamonds Are Forever

I am so annoyed about the weather this summer. I mean, it has never really been hot and it's never really been cold (not that it's supposed to be cold during the summer - just trying to make a point),. It's just been something weird in between. I mean we have had hot days but not consecutively. Well, I live n Sweden so what did I really expect? I had hopes but those got crushed. I do really hope that I get the opportunity to go somewhere for my birthday next year. I am so going somewhere hot, with a lot of sun and where maybe I can surf. I have never surfed before and is something that I would really like to try.

I exchanged some earnings today at Dyrberg/ Kern. I bought them back in May and about like a month ago they broke. The little thingy that you put through your ear fell off one of the earring. Don't know why but so weird. Today I finally got my ass out of the wagon and exchanged them. I really like Dyrberg/ Kern so I am glad that they would let me exchange them because I wasn't sure if that was allowed. But the ladies working there were really sweet about it. Thank you!

your writer, Erika


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