Time For Some Renovation

I so wish that I had enough money so that I could afford to buy my own apartment. I have decided that when I finally move from where I live now is when I will buy my own apartment. When you own your own house or apartment you have so much more freedom incase you want to do some renovation. Okay sometimes you have to get permission from the board but you still have more freedom. For example if I want to do some big renovation in my apartment I have to change it back to the way it was before when I move. That's just to much of a hassle and a waste of money.

Last fall when I came to the realisation that I want to buy and not rent anymore I started looking at places that don't need a lot of fixing up (aka where little to no renovation is needed). Recently I saw an apartment that I totally loved but I wanted to changed everything about it. I had all of these great renovation ideas. I was totally fine with the idea that it would cost me as much as the deposit. Oh well! I know that those changes would end up giving me a ton of more money back when decide to sell the apartment.

Hahaha so even though I can't afford my own apartment or any of the renovation projects that I have in mind I still like to dream about it. That way when I finally do afford to buy my own place I will know what I want. Right now, one of the things that I would really like to do is to have a glass wall. Not only is it a great way to let in light but it's super stylish, gorgeous and trendy right now. As beautiful as it might be it is kind of heavy for you bank account. Installing one of these bad gals can cost up to 55 000 kr. Yes I am not kidding. But I would see that as some well invested money to make that apartment feel like home to me. Having a safe place, somewhere that you call home is so important. That's why doing the right adjustments to make it feel like home is just as important.

your writer, Erika
sources: http://www.elledecoration.se/inred-med-glasvagg-den-fina-trenden-pa-13-olika-satt/ & http://www.elledecoration.se/allt-du-behover-veta-om-du-vill-inreda-med-glasvagg/


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