What I Like To Focus On

It's Friday! How has your week been? Mine has been good not too bad. I am thinking about going to Rålis tonight and watch Dirty Dancing. That depends on the weather though. It's not looking up right now. If it clears up then maybe.

With my workouts there are four things that I like to focus on; stretching, cardio and the butt and thighs. That's why you have been seeing a lot of those kinds of workouts this week. I can only do this from my own point of view. I am sure that a lot of you will get just as good of a workout as I am so don't be afraid to try them out.

Todays' video is a 10 minute butt and thigh workout from FitnessBlender. This video may be short but it has a high tempo so you have to focus. Kelli is very great a explaining the exercise beforehand (as always). I am confident that you will have no problem with doing this workout

your writer, Erika


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