Working My Ass Off

Hello! So what's up? I am sitting here on my balcony not enjoying the weather at all. I am actually freezing and thinking that maybe I should go inside.

Okay so I have been thinking lately that I really need to up my workouts. What I mean is that I need to switch it up and make it a little bit more difficult. I am thinking that maybe I should join a gym or maybe I should buy some dumbbells to have at home. I am leaning towards joining a gym. There actually are few gyms in my neighborhood that are cheap. I am going to check them out.

So in the meantime when I am trying to decide which gym to join, or if I should even join a gym at all I thought that I would help you all with your workouts. Every day next week I am going to post at least one workout video that I have done and has really helped me. They are all going to vary in length and in difficulty.

I thought that I would kick off this thing today so you are actually getting your first workout video right now. This first video is from my favorite fitness channel on youtube, FitnessBlender. They have so many great videos. This video is for all of you who want a great booty workout. This workout is 25 minutes and consists of three rounds of 10 different exercises.

your writer, Erika


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