The Devil In Disguise

Good morning and hello! Have you had a good nights' sleep? I have because I have this really big and super comfy duvet that is twice the size of my bed. I love to just wrap myself in it. Especially in the winter. Now during the summer it's almost too hot. Almost, I keep it because I like the weight of the duvet.

The second workout video this week is also from FitnessBlender (I told you that I love them). The first time that I tried it I loved it because it was only 15 minutes. Don't be fooled and think that those 15 minutes won't give you anything. I thought that this workout was brutal the first time that I tried it! But I love when a workout is brutal because that means that I am challenging my body and that it's going to give me something.

Have a nice workout!

your writer, Erika


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