Hahahaha! Better late than never, right. I mean I wasn't sure if I was going to blog at first because I am not feeling 100% but now I feel better. I hope that I am not using up all of my energy. Maybe eight hours of sleep will make up for it. It just hit me that I haven't brushed my teeth yet and it's 11:23 PM (yeah the most interesting fun fact you have read here on this blog). Hahahaha. Whatever. It's not that I am sick, it's that I feel like I am about to come down with something, like a cold that has almost broken out but it hasn't. I am at that almost stage. No, you now what, I am at an almost almost stage. Because it has almost almost broken out and that shit is just annoying. I have been drink loads of fluids today. Hahaha. Loads. I mean you're supposed to drink, what, eight glasses (about two liters) of water everyday and I usually drink one glass of water with every meal, so three glasses everyday. In between I drink a few cups coffee or tea. So, yup that's what I usually drink. I think that I have drunk those two liters. Maybe more, to be honest. Hopefully more.

So the Belieber parade isn't until tomorrow but I am not going to that because I have other more important things to do. Oh, I can't tell you. I'll tell you tomorrow though. I just feeling a repeat coming on. A repeat from this fall. A repeat of a magical week.

your writer, Erika


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