Rachel Bilson

Hi. Hola mi amigos. ¿Como estas? Is that correct Spanish? Anyway I feel like a boss because I just figured out how to do a up and down question mark. Hollar at ya girl! Hahaha. Nah, but I thought that I would do a fashion inspiration, fashion icon (or whatever you like to call it) post today. I am a really big fan of Rachel Bilson fashion style. I mean she always look amazing. What kind of inspired me to do this was because right before Hart of Dixie tonight the presenter said that Rachel has a very good fashion sense and likes to call herself a fashion junkie and could probably spend hours at Gekås. That, in my opinion was an insult to fashion. Gekås is a department store where everything is super cheap and there is a reality show about that Gekås called Ullared. I mean the presenter only said that to mention that Ullared is on Kanal9 (a sister channel to Kanal5, which Hart of Dixie air on in Sweden), but still that was a very big insult to fashion. No, jut uh oh no. I mean it was just a weird comparison, like the two things have nothing in common. Just saying.

So, anyway. I chose these five cute styles. It was hard because everything Rachel wears look amazing, but I don't want to spam this post with a billion pictures so I chose five.

I feel like my fashion style is, I mean it differs. What mean is that I feel like I dressed differently and so much better when I lived in the United States. A reason for that may be because I went shopping all the time, plus the weather over there allowed me to wear skirts, dresses and shorts with out a ton of layer of tights or leggings to prevent me from freezing to death. Though, I think that leggings and tights are cute and but sometimes I just think that it's cuter with out them. So, I rather have the option to chose to wear them because they are cute instead of wearing them to prevent frostbite.

your writer, Erika


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