I am thinking about doing beauty post this week. Yeah, like so either tomorrow or on Sunday. We'll see. If I do one what would you like to see, I mean what do you want me to blog about? Hehehe. Anyways what are you all doing? I am listening to Cher Lloyd. I love her music! I remember the day that Oath got released in the US, I mean when it was uploaded on her soundcloud (or maybe it just leaked because it was before the release date) I drugged that song so much. Like I couldn't get enough of it. Too bad it has never been release in Sweden. I mean like an official release so that I can buy it on iTunes. Like c'mon please she has Swedish Bratz too you know! Hahaha, no but she's pretty fabulous.

What are you all doing the weekend? I have no plans. That feels weird to say. I mean there are two fan meet ups this weekend. Feels a little bit weird both that I am not going to either but that their are both a Belieber fan meet and a Dierctioner fan meet. At the same place, at the same time. IDK. I don't really know what SWD is doing. I know what SB is doing, which is really sweet and trying to spread a good message about Justin, like they have been planning this for a long time now. Since the last fan meet, which got noticed by Justin. So this is kind of why they are doing it, I mean to top that. To do something even better. I will be better. Cool, maybe I'll go if I have time. We'll see, it's just I don't have Bieber mask but maybe I can get away with it by wearing my Justin Bieber snapback and a Bieber t-shirt. It's better than nothing.

your writer, Erika


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