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Don't touch me I am famous! I feel very popular that's for sure anyway. Hahahaha, Keke Palmer from Nickeoldeon's True Jackson VP RT me last night. Just because she RT me, a few other people RT me and favorited the tweet. Plus gained a few more followers. Hollar. Hahaha. That tweet (that I tweeted Keke) has got more RT's than the tweet that I tweeted Jaden Smith and he RT. It's kind of cool, that she RT me. It was a relatable tweet that only girls will understand. Hahahaha.

Two days left of this show. Two days left and then we are done shooting the whole season. I don't know exactly when the show will air though. I don't really, well I DON'T live in Denmark so yeah but if you see me on Danish TV2 sometime this year, tell me. It would be fun to know. Not that I think you well see me so much in the background but still, comment, tweet me. Whatever just tell me! Hihihi.

your writer, Erika


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