Hi guys! How are you? I am okay, I guess. You know what. Something unexpected happened today. Unexpected and unexpected, I won a competition on Isac Elliot's facbook page. Hahahaha. All you head to do was comment the city and country that you are from and tag a friend. And I won. Like I never win things, I mean not often anyway. The prize is some cool merchandise from his official store. Cool! I can't wait to see what I will get in the mail. Hihihihi. I'll post pictures when I get my prize.

So I redid my tumblr the other day. I mean not like changed the whole style of it. Bu like changing the theme. I just like wasn't, hmm, satisfied with the theme that I had. I mean like the colors and like, yeah that, but like not the over all theme of the blog. So like I changed it up. Like how I wanted it to be in the first place. Check out my tumblr at http://eriikaworld.tumblr.com. Which theme do you like better, the old one of the new one?



your writer, Erika


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