Make Up Your Mind

Hi guys. Hola I am bloggning now because I will be too tired when I get home tonight plus I have to go to bed when I get home because I have to be on set earlier tomorrow. Yeah. I should probably fold my laundry and put it in the closet since it has been moving from my bed and the floor (I put the clean laundry on the floor when I am going to bed and back on the bed when I make my bed in the morning) since Saturday. Hahaha. Maybe if I hurry this up I'll have time for that before I have to leave.

This morning I really didn't want to do my makeup. I mean just because of the reason that it takes time. Like I just didn't want to do it. I probably wouldn't have had done it if I wasn't shooting a TV show. Yeah yeah yeah, I am just an extra and not the most important part in this production (plus I am easily replaced) but if I am going to be on TV I still want to look good. I mean also when I do my makeup I spend time on it. Okay yeah, I don't have a ton of makeup on, I just have eye makeup and then some lipgloss, but I spend time on my eye makeup. Like at least 20 minutes, I mean I don't have anywhere to be 'cause then I hurry as hell but if I don't I spend time. What takes the most time is the eyeshadow (and the mascara). It takes time because I always use two colors. I often use a light color in the inner corner of my eye and a darker color in the outer corner. Then I have to blend the two so the colors fade into each other.

your writer, Erika


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