Fashion Friday

Hmmm, that frustration/ not so funny thing when you want to blog about some amazing pieces but cam find them. H&M in a nutshell. Like, I love H&M, I would die for them, I am a H&M junkie but like everything that you can find in store you sometimes can't find online. But I did find other amazing things. The website is not totally hopeless (it's just annoying that I can't show you want I want to show you).

I am going to start off with a pair of pants. The rest is just dresses. Like, what I really wanted to show you guys was this really cute romper (that I just have to have) and this really cute blouse (which also is a must have). Hmm, the next time I stop buy H&M I have to take a picture of them so that I can show cute this fashion essentials. Okay maybe not essential but they're cute pieces. The things that I am about to post are just easy pieces that will make you look chic without even trying.

your writer, Erika


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