Shopping Day

Yeah! Guess what! I finally have a Justin Bieber bed set. As childish as that might sound, I am actually excited about this. Yeah. So like I went shopping today because I needed to look for a birthday present for Charlie. So like yeah I went to the toy store. So like while I was look at something for him I saw these 1D microphones so I went over and looked at them, 'cause you, it's 1D. So um yeah right, then like next to the microphones I saw a Justin Bieber doll with full My World Tour set for only 100 kr (about 15 dollars). I like freaked out because it was cheap, it was down from (I think) 399 kr. Next to the doll there was bunch of 1D and JB stuff. While I was in fangirl heaven I saw a Justin Bieber bed set for only 50 kr  (about 8 dollars). I have been wanting a JB bed set for so long so like now when it was only 50 kr, like I couldn't pass on that opportunity. Hihihi, so I just had to have it. Yeah. So from now on I will be sleeping with Justin Bieber every single night. Woop woop.

Seriously, like I am so bored right now. First world problems, but like there is nothing good on TV. I am so freaking bored. I am just sitting here listening to music and blogging while I am waiting for The Big Bang Theory to start.

your writer, Erika


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