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Hey how ya doin'? Today I have actually been at home all day, chilin'. I went to the grocery store with my mom but that's only because she made me. Like I wanted to watch TV. Well well. Hahahaha. I mean I actually enjoy spending my days at home doing nothing. I mean like not all day every day. Not like a 24/7 thing but like sometimes I do enjoy it. Especially in this country. Hahaha. I just get so bored, like I don't know what to do so like when I go to Stockholm I just like really don't do anything, just walk around to pass time. Like I feel like I have done it all before. Or something.

I won't be bored tomorrow because I am gaping to another taping of Hasselhoff - en svensk talkshow. They called me earlier this evening and asked me if I was available tomorrow and I was like hell yea (okay no, I didn't exactly say that but yeah so). Tomorrow I will definitely wear makeup. Hehehe. Like you never know who's on the show. Eric Saade (wishful thinking, like I am not a fan but he's good looking). Austin Mahone would be even better but 1) he's not Swedish and there are only Swedish celebrities who are guests on the show and 2) the geographical part, Austin is not in Sweden. I mean if he was people would be freaking out on facebook and no one has freak out about Austin being on Sweden. Like I don't think that 2870 people would miss that. I wonder who is going to be on the show. Someone cool and someone that I like. Hehehehe.

Instead of wondering about who's going to be on the show tomorrow maybe I should focus on what I am going to wear and my makeup. I mean like I did my makeup today but it did not turn out the way I imagined. Hmm (I need a makeup artist *sarcastic laugh*). After I have finished this post I am going to go to my closet and see if I can thing an oversized sweater that I can wear with a pair of leggings. or maybe a cute top that I can wear with a pair of jeans. Makeup wise, I'll just play it safe. Something that has worked int the past.

your writer, Erika


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