En Svensk Talkshow

Hi guys! How are you? I am fine! I went to another taping of Hasselhoff - en svensk talkshow today. It was fun! Many interesting guests. I wish I could tell you when it all airs on TV but I don't know, which also means that I probably can't tell you much about what happened. More so since I signed a contract. Hahaha. But it didn't say anything about that in the "contract" that I signed. Hahaha. Anyway, Molly Sandén was on the show. I'll tell you that since she already posted a picture on instagram of herself with  Hasselhoff. I took a picture with her. I didn't know that she was going to be on the show but when they announced the guests for the show got really excited when they said Molly's name. I mean, like I not a huge fan of her. Like I think that she's cool and a good role model and I follow her on instagram both her personal and the MybyMolly account. Anyway, so like when they said that Molly was going to be a guest in the show I was like I have to take a picture with her. So like when the show was over I stayed in the studio, even though they told people to leave the studio. But like I stood close to a person who knew one of the guests so maybe they thought that I was with them. Anyway, like when Molly was about to leave the studio, she was walking towards the exit anyway I just yelled her name to get her attention (not loud because she was close to from where I was standing). Then I just asked her if I could take a picture with her if she had time. She said of course, so we took a selfie. Like I didn't notice it but the first picture got kind of blurry and I was about to just thank her and put away my phone but she was like "Oh, lets take another one". She was so sweet. I was so nervous for some reason. Hahahaha, but I managed to tell her that she looked great, because she did. I feel like I always want to complement someone that I admire when I met them but like I always forget to introduce myself. Hehehe, so they probably never remember me. Hopefully they do. One can always hope.

Even though my eyelid was a little bit irritated, and I didn't wear any makeup today maybe this was the wrong day to do so. I mean I could have suffer through putting on makeup. Because sometimes my left eyelid gets a little bit irritated and it hurts a little bit when I put on my makeup (what's hurts is the "pressure" I use with I put in eyeliner) I still do it, I am just a little bit more careful. Hmm. I felt less beautiful next to Molly. I mean like the light in a TV studio is so hard and with out makeup, I just look so blah. Ordinary and that's not really how I feel. I mean I look okay without makeup, but IDK where I am really going with this.

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your writer, Erika


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