In Mayniacville

Hi guys! Repeat week. Conor Maynard is in town, or will be. I have no idea truth to be told. All I really know is that Abe, Jack's friend (Jack is Conor little brother if you didn't know that) tweeted Jack the Friday that he might turn Jack down on coming to Sweden on Monday. So then I was all excited was like "Yeeeees!" because enow I actually know beforehand that he is coming rather than after/ when they were already here as last time. But the last nigth Conor tweeted that he would be coming to Sweden tomorrow, which is today. Hmm. Like, so I am assuming he is flying with the same airline as last time. But like I have no idea right now. Hmm. But I say bring it on. I'll try my luck tomorrow.

I am so happy that he is back. I mean if he's here as he said then he's only here recording because if it would have been something else, like a promotional trip then we would have had know. Like he would have told us and probably radio stations and TV channels, magazines. IDK I just think that we would have heard more about it. It wouldn't have gone unknown. OMG, what if he really is here on a promo trip and I have no idea about it! No, no just no that would be terrible. Like what kind of fan am I? The bigger issue is, what kind of fangirl am I?! No, just no! Okay, NOOOOO!

Hahaha. Though I hoped to meet Conor today, but unfortunately I didn't, anyways Conor's girlfriend Victoria replied to me on twitter today! Like seriously I screamed when I saw that she had replied to me. Yes I was in public, but who cares. Plus I was just outside the apartment on my way to the train stations so none one was a round me from what I remember.

your writer, Erika


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