Busy Girl

Hi guys! I will try to be quick. Hahahaha. Today I start working again after a long holiday break. I will work over the weekend, so I'll work today, tomorrow, on Sunday, on Monday and on Tuesday. It will be fun. It's a TV-show, a Danish TV- show. More than that I can't really tell you. Hihihihi. It's a fun show, I did last summer too. So I am pretty much familiar with the whole thing, I mean I know what to expect. Oh, yesterday PS called me (the ones that I worked for when I hard out flyers for Tolv just before Christmas) and asked me if I wanted to do the same thing again and that it was still Mondays to Wednesdays but I had to turn them down since I have to work on Monday and Tuesday. The flyer thing was an easy job. All you had to do was being nice to people and had out flyer to promote Tolv but you could get pretty bored at times. Plus since we were outside it got pretty cold, plus I had to get up at 5 AM and that is not so much fun. I mean I would have taken it wasn't supposed to work this Monday and Tuesday. Well well.

So what are you all doing this weekend? I am working, I already told you that. I will try to make time for the blog though so you won't get of that easy. Hahahaha. I mean that is why I am blogging right now instead go tonight when I get home because it's supposed to wrap at 9 PM tonight so I won't have time then. I'll probably blog tomorrow night since I won't have time to blog before I have to be on set tomorrow.

your writer, Erika


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