Hola mi amigos. Tjena bena mina vänner. Hahaha. So I watched Never Say Never today (it was on TV). Like, I could feel the tear behind my eyes. It's such an emotional movie and it's so good. It a  Cinderella story. He came from not much and now he is the biggest thing in the world. Everything knows his name. Everyone has an opinion about him. Well, I gotta say that most haters just hate on him to get a reaction from the actual fans. Just because they think it's funny, when they get all worked up. Like no, please, grow up you little piece of immature shit. No but like, have reason and not just do it because you're immature. I really love the movie and I do love him. Everything that he does is a big part of who I am and what I do. I would definitely not be the same without Bieber. Like, I have been a fan since the spring of 2008 when I saw a video of Justin singing to this other youtuber called Esmée Denters. From the moment when I watched that video I became hooked. Because I was a big fan of Esmée and following her and watching all of her videos so like I wanted to know who this kid was. I thought he was good and so I friended him on youtube, back in the day when you could actually do that. Hahahaha. I might have seen a video of him before, it's possible but I just can't remember that

your writer, Erika


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