Record Breaking

Hi guys. So first things first, everyone NEED to go and watch Justin Bieber's music video Baby at least four times a day until his birthday which is March 1st. We need to help him break the record of the first video to reach one billion views on YouTube. Right now (as I am writing this post) it has 974,678,379 views. So we have a little less than five weeks to break that record. We only need about 26 and half million views to get there. That's not much, it's like breaking a vevo record in 24 hours only that we now have four and half weeks to do it. So just watch it four times a day and we can do this for Justin. He will be the first teenager to break this record, he will be the first person ever to reach one billion views. Here is the link to the music video

So how was your weekend? It's Monday tomorrow. School, work or whatever you got going on. Hehehehe. I have to work a little bit tomorrow. I am going to be an extra in a scene for Kanal 5's new sitcom Äntligen helg. That's going to be fun. I hope, I mean it will. I have been an extra on that show before. It was a scene that they shot right before Christmas. The show premieres next Sunday on Kanal 5 at 9 PM, so be sure to watch it. It's by the creators of Partaj. The sitcom that I was an extra on last fall.

your writer, Erika


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