Another Show

Hi guys. Today I went to a taping of David Hasselhoff's new talk show, Hasselhoff - en svensk talk show. It was better than I expected. I mean IDK but like I haven't heard so much about of him in the last few years 'cause I am not really a fan. Like the sat thing that I can remember hearing about him was that video that his daughter posted of him being drunk. I mean so, like my impression of him isn't the best. Other than that I know that he was in Knight Rider and Baywatch but apparently he has done soap opera. But seriously I think that I might watch an episode of the show when it premieres. I don't know when but when I'll do I'll tell you. I took a few pictures today but I won't post them until the episode has aired.

So I have no further plans for the weekend. Hmm, I should probably fold the clean laundry tomorrow. I mean put the clean laundry in the closet. Hahaha, oh my god what a funny weekend I have planned. I am so funny and outgoing. Someone please save me if you know of anything better to do. Hahaha.

your writer, Erika


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